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Mothers Day Gift Ideas Hong Kong

Mothers Day Gift Ideas | Hong Kong Adventures

If this year’s Mother’s Day catches you roaming the streets of the Pearl of the Orient, the city has taken care that the leading lady in your life gets much more than a walk. To make the occasion a special one, dive into an intricate labyrinth of Hong Kong’s beauty salons, shopping centres and restaurants. The perfect gift to honour your mother’s devotion is just around the corner, so be sure not to miss it. Here are some suggestions.

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Top 5 Best Cafes in Hong Kong

For both fur-flung travellers and hard-core Hongkongers, the news of the city’s booming coffee scene was just as delightful as a first morning cup. Only a couple of years old, the scene is still going strong and, luckily, specialty cafes continue to emerge on the metropolitan concrete surface as we speak. Incredibly cosy and with a keen sense of taste for each particular brew, these caffeine-obsessed meeting places have become the very heart of the city that rarely sleeps. Here are our top 5 best cafes in Hong Kong.

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